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Linda Soble Interiors services

Linda Soble Interior decorating services

Complete Interior Decorating Services:

Includes creating a client approved floor plan. Depending on the needs of the floor plan we select any of the following items to complete the floor plan: custom flooring and carpeting, furniture, fabric selection, tables, lamps and room lighting, custom upholstery, custom window treatments, accessory selection, art selection and placement, and wall coverings and custom wall painting. All aspects of interior decorating to have a complete, finished product.

Access to all fine furniture resources:

According to the client’s approved style and floor plan we select furniture from various resources whether customized, pre-designed or currently owned by client. Our resources include, but are not limited to, many existing furniture houses, as well as, Major Design resources located at Dakota Design Center in Dania, Florida and the D & D Building in New York in addition to all advertised furniture houses.

Custom Wall Painting & Custom Finishesinterior decorations:

Our firm includes professionals who specialize in custom painted finishes such as Marbleizing, Glazing, Striping, Trompe l’oeil and recreating all stone and wood finishes, custom murals and commissioned art. In order to enhance the room decorating style our professionals review the upholstery and accent colors to create unique custom wall painting. They are not only Masters of custom finishes, but also murals, ceiling painting, Trompe l’oeil and and all periods of design. Their talents include unique techniques such as silver, gold and other metallic leafing, combing, and striating walls. Their unique talents create one of a kind, personalized beauty.

Custom Upholstery, Fabric Selection & Window Treatments:

Linda Soble’s access to all major fabric design houses enhances her ability to personally select the fabrics and upholstery to best suit the client’s needs. Her talents lie in her choices of colors, fabric design, trims on upholstery relate to the other furniture, flooring and wall coverings to enhance the room design.  The window treatment in a room is the finishing touch and Ms. Soble and her team of professionals make selections of custom window treatments, custom shades and custom draperies, motorized or not, and or blinds, shades or shutters that best suit the approved design plan.

Custom Flooring (Wood, Tile, & Stone) & Carpeting, & Area Rug Selection In Any Style:

Our Professionals have experience in selecting wood, tile and stone flooring and choosing the patterning and accents that will enhance a room design. If the room requires carpet we select tasteful, well designed carpet whether it be (custom) broadloom, regional/ oriental, natural sisel or contemporary area rugs. Each selection of wood, tile, carpeting or stone flooring  is unique to the style and design of a particular room.  Great care is involved in this selection to provide the client with the most unique and tasteful choices. The firm has access to all major carpeting, flooring and stone galleries.

Total Accessory Selection:

Accessories are the icing on the cake. They are the items that charm the room and decorate and accentuate the already tasteful room selections. We choose and place accessories that are conversation pieces, accessories that accent the color and room decor, and accessories that are unique.

Lighting, Chandeliers, Lamps and Fixtures:

Whether it be ambient, highlighting, chandeliers, lamps, fixtures and accessory lighting our professionals are able to guide you to make the correct decorative choices to suit your style. We have access to all major lighting resources and can locate any chandeliers, lamps, and fixtures advertized in trade magazines.

• Access to Fine Art Services and Dealers:

Our firm will assist in all fine art selections to enhance the room design as well as coordinating in the design art already owned by the client. We are knowledgeable in all selections including Period, Traditional, Contemporary and Abstract and in all aspects of art and media and can assist you in your choices.  We have access to all fine art dealers and galleries.

Shopping Services:
Shopping access to all Furniture, Fabric, Lighting, Flooring, stores and resources.
Dkota Design Center, Dania, Florida
D & D Building, New York City, New York
We can accommodate all of your shopping needs.  Please contact us at (561) 512-0569 to make an appointment.