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Real estate Staging

First Impressions make a Lasting Impression! That is what you need to sell your property and give it the edge over all the others on the market.  The National Association of Realtors estimates that properties that have been professionally Staged sell 25% quicker than those not Staged. We have consulted with realtors and owners wishing to sell their properties and have experienced great success. In some cases we have highlighted, room by room, what needs to be done in order to market the property more successfully and in other cases our firm was contracted to update the property ourselves. We have a record of success in that properties we’ve staged which have sold for more money than other properties in the area, or have sold faster than other properties  for sale within the same community or have rented quicker that other rental properties on the market.  Staging a property would be considered a  mini make over but it works!

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